hail to the queen...

the person i love but haven't even met yet.

24 October 1984
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i am an empathetic sponge. no one likes a liar baby no one at all. im worth more than my name. and all the lies i tell myself are true. i looked inside your eyes and saw a world that does not exist. a world i wish i was in. i care about everyone and everything. even the people that have chosen the low road by hating me. ive given people 473473824 chances. i don't hold grudges. i had a nose job and its given me kind of an identity crisis. i like THE SUN. i like SUMMER.i like GREEN GREEN GRASS, chicago, facebook, lesbians, bohemians, faeries, new age shops, the enchanted attick. DIY constructed clothing. rainbow socks. bandanas. 00g stretched ears. 14g. and 10g. 54 tattoos.